Dogs are supervised 24/7! An overnight staff is always here with your pups!

Daycare with the pack is INCLUDED.
Dogs are crated for boarding only during meal times and overnight from ~9pm to ~5:30am, unless they cannot be crated.

All dogs MUST attend a one day Meet & Greet before we can make a reservation for boarding.

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Boarding Hours :

​~ Boarding available 24/7, 365 days a year!

~ Please try and drop-off boarding dogs before 3:00 PM!
~ Pick-ups made after 3:00 PM will be charged the full daycare rate for that day.

The Ruff House

What to Bring for Boarding:
~ Your dog's food (please let us know any special instructions!)
~  A blanket and/or toy to keep in their crate at night
~ Any medications and/or supplements (and what they take the pills in,  i.e. cheese, PB, pill pockets)
~ Any treats or bones you'd like us to give

Boarding Rates :
1 dog - $50 per night
2 dogs - $70 per night
3 dogs - $90 per night

4 dogs - $115 per night

5 dogs - $140 per night